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Who would like to carry a bunch of keys in their pocket when they could simply opt to get a single key to access all the doors of their space? If you are the one to misplace one or the other key quite often, we understand how bothersome it could be for you! Now you don’t need to beat yourself about as much, for we have come up with the right and final solution for it!

Rekey to master key system might sound like a concept that you’d have heard of in the past. Although it does sound familiar, there is a tinge of newness to it, as we would rekey the locks instead of getting the locks changed into master key system. North Park NY Locksmith Store aims to offer affordable and effective services in area, which is why we rekey rather than replace.

Why should you rekey to master key system?

It is not at all fun to carry a bunch of keys all around, the only right thing to do in the modern age is to rekey to master key system if you want to reduce all such hassle! By switching to a master key system, you can access all the doors of your space with a single key as we would change the tumblers and pins of the locks of the various areas of your home with similar ones.

When should you Rekey Locks?

North Park NY Locksmith Store North Park, NY 716-246-4992When you rekey the locks to master key system, your old keys would be rendered useless and you’ll be given a single new key to access all the doors. As the internal pins and tumblers are changed, you can get the door opening and closing with the new key alone, and all your old keys would be rendered useless. You can opt for this option especially when you move into a new place and you do not want the old tenant to have access to any place in your residential space.  

Why do you need to hire North Park NY Locksmith Store?

Many locks come up with the ‘DIY’ option. Commercial/residential security isn’t anything to be played with, and hence you need to ensure that you have got the best of all! The only wise option is torekey to master key system with the help of professionals. In this manner, you can get your locks rekeyed without causing any damages to the locking system or door, and they would allow no room for loopholes.

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